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Meet Israel Saucedo, but you can call him Izzy.

He is a truck driver turned digital marketer. Yup, you read that right… He went from a stick-shifting, contractor supplies hauling, concrete-mixer-operating truck driver…To a savvy content writer, website designer, digital ad creator, SEO expert, and online marketer.

And these days, the owner of a marketing agency to help contractors.

Who wudda thunk it, right?

Izzy’s and his marketing agency’s secret sauce?

Proven business practices that take startups and struggling contracting  businesses from zero to seven figures. With his laser focus on creating predictable, high-profit companies, Izzy and his team help his clients reach success through his online marketing skills – specializing in asphalt paving

With his team expertise, his clients can break free from the unpredictability of business and create efficient, scalable operations that are built to last.